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What's Happening at Mintronics?

Challenges and Opportunities... We are in a unique position as our customers are spread across most industries both private and public including medical, aerospace, defence, and many other engineering disciplines. The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown protocols has significantly impacted the business world (both positively and negatively). Depending on the industry they operate in, some of our customers are facing challenging times, whereas others have seen their business develop dramatically. Whatever the situation you're in, if you require engineering / Alibre skills, or if you wish to add your name to a list of available skilled persons please send an email to and we will put you in direct contact as and when opportunities arise. This is not Mintronics acting as an agent, it is only to help our customers.

Other Developments Alibre Next Release Version 22 Yes we are only a few months into Alibre version 21 and version 22 is being developed at a pace. Available to view on the Alibre site Videos include new thread visualisations, library and new snap tool. As progress is made these enhancements will be updated on the above link and also on the Mintronics news page. Alibre maintenance If you have an old licence of Alibre and require v21 and Version 22 when available amnesty is in place until the end of July save £120 on updating an old licence. If you are unable to cotinue with maintenance due to Corona virus then please contact one of our team when you are ready to return so we may access the best possible deal with Alibre. 4M 2D CAD new release v21 Significant developments as the new 2D version is released. Details are listed on the news page SimLab We continue to develop SimLab as the tool for enhanced renderings, animations and VR. It is our intention to have a phased release of new training material and enhanced support based Alibre models with Simlab

July Product Discounts Alibre continue with Covid discount policy Alibre Design Expert and Professional less 20% save £414.00 for Alibre Design Expert amnesty maintenance, upgrade your old Alibre licence to 2020 Save Alibre increase discount for Hobbyists with Alibre Atom3D £174.85 including support and upgrades


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