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Alibre Workshop


The best and easiest 3D CAD & CAM tool. Design with precision, mill with confidence, and own your software.

Watch some Alibre Workshop workflows...

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Free Trial

Please follow the link below to download your free trial of SimLab Composer.


Core CAD / CAM Features

Everything to bring your idea to life.

Easy to learn CAD

A simplified yet powerful toolset lets you design great things quickly and precisely.


CNC/3D Print

Export your design in STL, STEP, SAT, DWG, or DXF for whatever your 3D printer or downstream software needs.


Precision is built in - things will fit together every time. 

Model Entire Designs

Whether your design has one part or 1000, you can make it.

Shop Drawings

Create 2D drawings to send to MeshCAM or make detailed drawings with dimensions for assembly.


Easy to learn CAM

The CAM is easy. It doesn't have 500 options. It's the fastest way to get to milling on the market today.

2.5 and 3 Axis Machining

A range of machining strategies to maximize simplicity and efficiency.

Simulate your cuts

Simulate the toolpaths to make sure everything looks good before milling.

Import STL, SVG, DXF

A broad range of import formats means you can use whatever design tool suits a particular job the best.

Machine from images

Machine artistic projects using images to drive the toolpaths.

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Design and machine metal, wood, and plastic projects


You're limited only by the capabilities of your mill. Design and machine anything you can imagine.

Create works of art


The most epic pinewood derby car or beautiful clocks, furniture, or accent pieces - design it, machine it, and get it done.


Photo-based Machining


Create relief images in your favorite image editor or find them online. Machine them directly to create stunning pieces, no CAD required. Signs, terrain, art - so many possibilities.

The Sky's the Limit!


Unless you're making a drone - then it's not. Design and machine anything you can imagine without spending days on it - Alibre Workshop has the power.


Alibre Workshop Free Trial

Please follow the links below to download your free trial of Alibre Workshop software.

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Alibre Workshop Prices

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