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Simlab Composer


A Revolutionary visualization and VR creation software


Communicate Your 3D Ideas with Ease

Simlab Composer is a complete, easy, affordable and feature-rich solution enabling you to communicate your 3D ideas with ease.
SimLab Composer has all the tools you need for importing your models, creating dynamic visualization, rendering, building Simple VR Scenes, all into creating fully interactive VR training sessions.

Shape 8 copy.png

Free Trial

Please follow the link below to download your free trial of SimLab Composer.



Do you really need a vast technical knowledge or a hardware demanding applications!

SimLab Composer overcome these issues by relying on smart algorithms that would reduce the tremendous amount of CPU and GPU power and time without compromising the quality of the rendered image while providing a very simple and friendly user interface to prepare your scenes.
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3D pdf.png
Share your 3D models and interactive scenes in the most popular file format for documentation.
SimLab Composer is a great tool for exporting interactive 3D PDF files with animations, objects actions, textures, scene states, custom templates and more.

Virtual Reality

Import any 3D file to SimLab Composer
Create the VR experience
Run the VR scene on the free VR Viewer
SimLab Composer makes it easy to create advanced VR experiences, In few minutes you can create a VR experiences.


  • Materials Lighting (exterior, interior, and IES) options

  • Navigation system

  • Hide/Show

  • Sound effects

  • Elevators Fire/Smoke/Water.

360 Technology

Your best choice for rendering single and multiple 360 Images​​​

SimLab in Action: Creating WebGL using Alibre and SimLab

Step 1 : Create your model in Alibre
1 Alibre Model.png
Step 2: Export the model as a STEP model
2 Export in STEP format.png
Step 3: Create an empty scene in SimLab
3 Create empy scene in SimLab.png
Step 4: Import the Step model, adjust the position so it is centred in the scene
4 Import Model.png
Step 5: Apply desired finishes to the model either by editing the colours or dragging and dropping materials from the library onto the model
5 Drag and Drop Materials onto Model.png
Step 6: Export the model to WebGL from Simlab. This will create an HTML document and folder of files.
6 Export Model as WebGL.png
Step 7: Upload all the WebGL files to your website, embed the model into your
webpage using an I-Frame.
7 Upload WebGL files and embed into web

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