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Alibre Design



Alibre Design

Business-grade design solutions


Power your design or manufacturing business with the world's most cost effective engineering platform.

3D Design


Precise and powerful 3D design to power product creation. From consumer products to fixtures, heavy machinery, molds, and more.



Beautiful, precise  manufacturing drawings, patent drawings, and assembly instructions are just a few clicks away.

Sheet Metal


Dedicated tools to make the design of sheet metal parts easy and fast. Convert regular solids to sheet metal, and create flat patterns with a click.



Power marketing, sales, websites, brochures, and more with built-in rendering. Drag-and-drop materials to create beautiful pictures from your CAD data.



For all industries and applications


Alibre Design's mature toolset has been built over 20 years to power a broad range of applications, including yours.

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"Alibre was initially thought of as our stepping stone into the 3D world so we could then have some experience to help us choose which of the main CAD suppliers to go with (SW, Catia, etc.) however we have stayed with Alibre and it has been instrumental in driving our whole design process."

Alibre Design Free Trial

Alibre Design is a feature rich 3D and 2D design program that's easy to learn and economical to own. It's powerful enough for your 5,000 part assembly and easy enough for your weekend project. See why Alibre Design is the smarter alternative to traditionally bloated, expensive 3D CAD packages with a free trial.

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