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CAM for Alibre

CAM for Alibre

There are two fully integrated partner Express CAM products for Alibre

Basic versions for those starting on the CAM journey. Regardless of which version Alibre the CAM software is fully integrated.

EZ CAM is a new product to Alibre

We met EZ CAM at the Alibre conference and were convinced that the easy learning will help many new people gain advantages from CAM. The history, videos and further information can be found on Mintronics webpage.

We offer EZ CAM to Alibre customers. Other CAD system users please apply direct to EZ CAM

The Express version price is and available to buy on our webshop £840 plus VAT, This for either milling or turning. Please note with EZ CAM the price includes one-year support and post processors.

Mecsoft CAM is now available as an Express version, at a considerable reduced price compared to Standard, Expert and Professional.

Price for Mill Express XPR £475 plus VAT and maintenance £130

The Express version offers

For 2.5 milling, pocketing, Profiling, facing, engraving 2 1/2-Axis Milling STD EXP PRO

For 3 axis, horizontal roughing and parallel finishing

Hole making, automatic hole selection, sorting and drilling

Toolpath animation cut material simulation and toolpath graphical viewing and a full set of tools for post processor generation.

EZ CAM and Mecsoft offer an upgrade to higher versions of the software

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