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Ez-Cam is a suite of products for 3, 4 axis milling, turning, turn/milling and wire edm. Ez-Cam started as one of the very first pc based, easy to use CAD/CAM products in the early 1980's. Originally owned by Bridgeport Machines Ltd (Inc) the software has been sold and successfully supported in the UK since this time.

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EZ-CAM Programming Concept - 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Create or Import Geometry


The wide array of intuitive CAD functions are the basis of what makes EZ-CAM the easiest to use CAM system available today. Dynamic Preview, one-click trimming, dimensioning, 25 level Undo/Redo and mathematical function plotting are just a few examples of EZ-CAM's state-of-the-art CAD features. Creating any shape is easy with over one hundred geometric construction cases supported. Or you can simply import IGES, DXF or DWG geometry files from any CAD system.

step 1.png
Step 2: Set Parameters and Select Path


Just choose a machining cycle and set parameters. Milling cycles include pocketing with unlimited islands, multi-pass contouring, peck drilling, tapping, lettering and much more. Turning cycles include turn/bore/face roughing, multi-pass profiling, grooving, threading and drilling. Automatic chaining lets you quickly assign a toolpath to geometry with just one click, and you can edit, move, rotate, mirror and copy geometry and toolpaths. EZ-CAM gives you maximum flexibility for making program changes with minimal effort.

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Step 3: Verify Toolpath and Post G-Code


You can simulate the toolpath at any time during the programming process. View each move of the tool step-by-step or all at once, from any view. You can review and edit all operation parameters in a spreadsheet format and check estimated cutting times. When everything is verified, use one of our 200+ post processors to output error-free machine code with just one click. View the post processed G-code in the included NC text editor, and download directly to the machine using RS232 communications.

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EZ-CAM Product Comparison Chart

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EZ-CAM Free Trial

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