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3D Mechanical Design with Alibre for the Energy industry

We are looking forward to our event in Aberdeen for Alibre

In the past eighteen months since Alibre was returned to a new team and renamed ALIBRE from Geomagic Design there is nonstop development.

I recently attended the Alibre conference Athens and met with the team and many other resellers / partners from around the world. The news I would like to share is that Alibre continues an upward curve and its time we showed it off!

We are live with Alibre in Aberdeen, the morning of13th November

We invite our customers to join us for the morning when we can share some of the developments, latest news and partner products.

The seminar will be of interest and hopefully benefit any evaluating their existing CAD systems.

You will find

A powerful CAD system at a fraction of the price our competitors offer

A flexible approach to maintenance with no massive penalties of paying for missing maintenance years

A powerful group of partner products for CAM, FEA and visualisation.

CAD with a perpetual licence whether you take maintenance or not

We have invited Andy Simpson Managing Director of Angus3D Solutions to join us and discuss the link between design, manufacture and of course 3D printing.

The afternoon session is for reverse engineering from scan input, if attendance is required for both sessions please complete both registrations

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