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The Elimina Pro: The Mintronics Workhorse

One of the most frequent enquiries we receive from our customers is whether or not their computer system is up to spec and can meet the demands of running the various software packages and hardware we provide. As we are regular users of the software and hardware ourselves, we needed to ensure we found system would meet our needs and provide the power, durability and efficiency required.

Knowing this choice of hardware would be a key component of our business operations, we put a lot of man hours into searching the web, talking to technical specialists and trialling and testing to come up with the best solution for us. The numerous requirements for our system included:

  • Have the ability to run CAD software efficiently and without interruption.

  • Running reverse engineering software during processor intensive 3D Scanning.

  • Considerable storage space needed for large scale design and scanning projects.

  • Long battery life for on-site and mobile remote working.

  • Graphics card capabilities for smooth operation of various hardware and software solutions.

Eventually we landed on the Elimina Pro to meet all of our needs. Here's just a few of the highlights of this system:

  • Enhanced performance with a Intel® Core™ i7 Eight Core Processor.

  • High end NVIDIA® GeForce® Graphic Card

  • 1TB storage

  • 32GB RAM

  • 15.6" Full HD LED Widescreen display

We have been using the Elimina Pro for over 6 monthy now and can safely say it more than meets our needs. Tom Minto, Product and Customer Specialist at Mintronics, said ,"I'm really pleased with the Elimina Pro, and after using it on a lot of different jobs it's never let me down. I'm always impressed with the speed and efficiency, no matter how much data I throw at it!".

After some excellent feedback, and our own experience using the system, we decided to make it available to all of our customer base. For more information you can drop us an email to or give us a call on 08443 570 378.


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