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One for the Model Engineer- Alibre Atom3D

We first posted this article during the lockdown time, however we believe it is worth publishing again as the experience is common and it is clear that with a helping hand model engineers and hobbyists are able to realise their design dreams

Email received from Model Engineer VIC / unsolicited

I purchased a full license for the 3D atom after testing it out with the free trial and have been using/experimenting ever since.

I am an Autocad LT user and have been for some time both at work and at home but the Atom is a totally different experience and a wonderful product.

The tutorial that I downloaded to use during the free trial is an excellent product and probably one of the best tutorials that I have ever seen.

I also take a magazine called Model Engineers Workshop and they also ran a tutorial which I have worked with.

The time of lockdown is obviously a good time to try something new and Atom has not disappointed. A great product and with my new 3D sidewinder X1 printer I have produced a few items in PLA. A few door wedges to start out then a complete set of universal joints for my workshop lamp and my latest is the steam dome cover for my one eighth scale steam locomotive. A very complex shape and a real challenge in brass from which they are usually made but with Atom and my new found skills plus eight hours for the printer to produce it now sits on top of the boiler spray painted with black paint.

Thanks for a great product – needless to say I have promoted it to some of my other model engineering friends.




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