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Lets get moving - Motion for Alibre

Alibre's affordable and powerful software continues to grow in popularity with our customers from a wide range of industries across a huge variety of applications. One of the key strengths of Alibre is it's adaptability, particularly when you consider the numerous addons that are available...

Motion for Alibre

There are two different addons to Alibre for motion, SimWise Motion for Alibre and SimLab Composer. Although they may sound similar they achieve quite different goals.

SimWise Motion for Alibre

SimWise Motion is a mechanical motion package which works with the physical constraints within the CAD model including motors and actuators. It takes a design made up of assemblies of moving parts and simulates the kinematic and dynamic motion of the design allowing you to evaluate its function performance.

SimWise motion will tell you if your design works correctly and just as important if it will break. Watch the webinar below for more information on SimWise Motion for Alibre.

SimWise motion is part of the 4D program which includes FEA for Alibre. Please contact us for further details.

SimLab Composer

The motion with Simlab is inside the module Composer. Besides from motion this includes rendering, 3D pdf, 360 degree views and VR.

SimLab Composer provides material animation with cameras and lighting. Its is not designed to provide accurate mechanical data but to provide videos, walk throughs of photo rendered objects. These can be used for product and instruction manuals and marketing materials.

You can view some of the amazing animations created using SimLab Compser HERE

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