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Learning 3D CAD for new starter - 'The hobbyist dream' by Tom Minto

Hi, I am Tom Minto and Mintronics’ newest recruit.

I know a little about the Alibre software, but having never actually used it myself, I thought that attending the Alibre training course held for our customers last week should be my first port of call. By the end of the two-day course my mind was racing with endless ideas of things I could design using this software. I went home and proclaimed to my wife that we would no longer need any trips to Ikea, as I would be designing and making all our house furniture from now on!

It dawned on me quite quickly that maybe I was getting a bit ahead of myself designing and making furniture for our full house, but my point is that if I, a complete CAD novice, can pick up this software in just a couple of days, then anyone can. Once you get started you really start to look at things and think… Yeah, I could design that myself!

I have since scaled back my rather ambitious plans to refurbish our entire house, however I have set myself a project to design and make a coffee table (by Christmas). My wife is pleased, as who doesn’t like a trip to Ikea every now and again?

This brings me back to Mintronics and one of the reasons why I am so excited. Alibre ATOM opens the door for the next budding furniture designer to design and build their own coffee table, or the model engineer looking to design an ‘old fashioned’ steam engine, the applications of it are limitless. It’s great value for money (less than £200), with enhanced technical capabilities that enable people to realise their creativity. The hobbyist dream! - This is something that is important to me.

Model steam engine assembly I put together during training.


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