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Keencut - Cutting edge manufacturing with Alibre Design

KEENCUT manufacture cutting equipment for specialist users in the sign-making, wide format printing, and picture framing industries and have been using Alibre Design for many years. For more information about KEENCUT and the services they offer, please visit their website We recently spoke to Andy Roberts, Technical Director at KEENCUT, about how they use Alibre Design in their business...

What are you using Alibre for in your Business?

"We use Alibre to design our range of cutting machines that are renowned across the world in the industries they serve. We have used Alibre for many years now and find it works well for us from the 3D design process right through to 2D assembly BOM’s and manufacturing drawings."

What challenge in your business has Alibre helped with?

"We initially used Alibre to help us make the jump from 2D product design into 3D. Alibre was initially thought of as our stepping stone into the 3D world so we could then have some experience to help us choose which of the main CAD suppliers to go with (SW, Catia, etc.) however we have stayed with Alibre and it has been instrumental in driving our whole design process."

How do you find Alibre usability in comparison to other CAD packages you have used?

"We do not have a vast range of experience with other CAD packages because we have not needed to. Alibre is intuitive and easy to learn and is not cluttered by loads of bells and whistles that we do not need or are just overkill."

How has your experience been when dealing with Mintronics?

"Mintronics level of service is impeccable, on the rare occasion we have a problem Mintronics have reacted promptly with the quality support we have needed. 10 out of 10!"


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