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3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering Workshop with Mintronics and ArtSystems

Legacy parts with no CAD drawings? Legacy parts need updating? This is a problem we come across time and time again across many sectors in the manufacturing industry. Throughout our time working in this sector, we have dealt with a range of manufacturing companies who still support outdated design and production systems to reproduce or update legacy parts.

For a lot of companies we deal with, their perception seems to be that the technology required to improve this process is financially out of reach and time-consuming to implement, however with increased affordability and technological developments, this is no longer the case.

Historically, the normal way to bring these parts “back to life” is to painstakingly measure the part, create technical drawings and create a CAD file, however our scanning and reverse engineering solutions offer a more efficient and cost effective way to achieve this goal.

Benefits: Improved turnaround times Significantly reduce long term costs Full ownership of CAD files and design process Improved customer/brand perception Access new markets Prevent legacy parts from becoming obsolete

We want to show how this can be achieved. Join us in Nottingham at ArtSystems’ offices for our workshop where you can bring your parts, have a go with the scanners and our reverse engineering specialists will be on hand to provide expert advice and business consultation.

The event is free to attend and will start at 9:30am, and run through to approximately 12:30pm, however our team will be available all afternoon following the workshop to answer any questions you have and provide expert advice.

Equipment and software you will have access to on the the day: Scanners: EinScan range : Reverse engineering software: Geomagic design X and Quicksurface. Inspection software: Geomagic control X MakerBot 3D printers:


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