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Reverse Engineering Workshop - Einscan 3D Scanner in demonstration

This workshop is to take away the mystery of 3D scanning to Reverse Engineering or inspection for those looking to enter the market.

About this Event This workshop is to help take away the mystery of 3D scanning for reverse engineering or inspection, as well as the financial barriers by demonstrating a solution which is at a budget of 25% of the cost of current market expectations, helping to clear away uncertainties to entering the market.The process of 3D scanning for reverse engineering is well known but most do not understand the process of how to complete. Prospective reverse engineers are put off by the huge sums of money to enter the market and the fear of buying the wrong technology.

The current market presents a range of 3D scanners plus software to compliment, however the cost can vary wildly depending on requirements.A typical investment for an engineering business requiring reverse engineering or inspection could be: 3D scanner £20-£40K, Software £8-£14K for a total investment of £30-50K.

For the workshop we will show the new EinScan 3D highly accurate scanner. At a cost of £5K and software with a start price of £4K, we can offer an full reverse engineering solution at a fraction of the price.

Einscan and Reverse engineering news page includes links for further information

This workshop can provide valuable insight for a wide range of people such as:

  • Customers who already made a scanner investment interested in the new Quicksurface software.

  • Engineers who require a 3D CAD model from a 3D scan.

  • Engineers who require inspection of a component to compare with the original 3D CAD model.

  • 3D print business for processing 3D mesh into a surface for 3D print or machining.

Our intention for the workshop is to take away the mystery and educate those who are interested in the technology.

Please follow the links below for more information on 3D scanning and reverse engineering hardware and software.

Our Hosts and partners for this event

E-Max Systems are professional suppliers of ERP systems for the engineering and manufacturing industry.

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