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Alibre 2019 SP1 and new Release Cycle

Alibre 2019 SP1 is ready for release during 9th October 2019

The SP1 improves 2D pdf publishing and 3D images related to crispness of text, figures and more

If you have access to 2019.0 you will have SP1 for free

Alibre announce new release cycle.

We have reproduced the statement in full, see below

New Release Cycle

Our new 4 month release cycle

After a lot of discussion with customers on how we do releases, we've decided to change our release cycle dramatically. We're doing this to deliver more value to you more consistently throughout the year. Instead of having a major "yearly release" such as 2019.0, we're shifting to delivering releases at least every 4 months, starting today. What effects will this have?

  • Shorter release cycles are less subject to slipping and are easier to quality check, resulting in more consistent releases with less bugs.

  • You have more predictability for the release schedule and can look forward to a faster cycle time for new features and bug fixes.

  • We can develop big-ticket features that take longer than 4 months in the background - if they end up taking longer it won't push the entire release.

Product naming moving forward:

  • Since we are no longer focusing on "major yearly releases", we are moving away from the yearly naming system.

  • As of the next release in February, the product name will be number based. That release will be v21. Four months after that, v22 will ship, and so on.

  • The new build number will look like 21.0220.0.XXXXX where the first number is the release number, the second number is the month/year, the third is the minor release, and the 4th is the build.

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