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2D CAD alternative with DWG

Extolling the virtues of 3D and 2D

In 3D its clear to see how great improvements in productivity can be made, wastage reduced, accurate design, faster design, ability to build product families and better user satisfaction to name a few. The result is that products reach the market faster creating a competitive advantage.


3D does not work for everyone as there are occasions where 2D is more suitable and of course legacy data in 2D might be a better option to remain in the 2D design environment.

For example the construction industry requires 2D for many different aspects of their work such as site layouts. Some use 2D DWG format as their foundation for more advanced 3D architecture modelling.

For those requiring 2D DWG we offer a clear alternative to AutoCAD with the the full range of 2D drawing packages from 4M.

4M are a long-established CAD business and their systems based on DWG are a clear and smart alternative to AutoCAD.

4M CAD offers fantastic value for money starting with the classic version at £125.00 plus VAT. Support is first class and there are easy routes to upgrade licences.

September 2018 we visited their offices and witnessed the developments since our first visit 2011. We are satisfied that everything is in order and the products offer fantastic value for money and consequently we have increased our 2D CAD offer to include the different versions available.

We intend to extend our 4M offering to include 4M 3D architectural Design

Alternative to AutoCAD

4MCAD in four versions:

4MCAD Viewer: CAD Viewing & Printing plus adding texts & dimensions

4MCAD Classic: 2D/3D CAD Complete Design (lowest price /highest value for the 2D designers)

4MCAD Standard: 4MCAD Classic + Raster Image + Rendering

4MCAD PRO (Professional): 4MCAD Standard + BIM/IFC + 3D Solids + VBA support + Library Manager

DWG is the native file format. You can open and modify drawings created by AutoCAD and vice-versa without any import or export.

30 day money back guarantee

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