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3D Scan to CAD


New website for 3D scan to CAD.

Working with Geomagic software solutions and especially Geomagic Design X since 2014 we have supplied many industries, Universities and sectors of Government with Geomagic software.

We have experience of complex implementations and completed on site or classroom training for Geomagic Design X.

Many customers only have an occasional requirement for 3D scan or reverse engineering and sometimes the investment cost can be prohibitive. In addition there are many who require further information or subcontract service to help them review the potential return on investment for reverse engineering software and scanners before committing themselves.

It is for these reasons we have launched the new website to provide further information and register an interest to receive a budget quotation.

Page for Reverse Engineering Professional Users

Page for scan to CAD for model makers and hobbyists

Page to send information for scan reverse engineering quotation

In association with Angus 3D Systems we are able to offer scan to CAD and 3D print including metal.

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