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Alibre Competition winner

Congratulations to David Milway who won first prize in the Alibre Design competition. David is a ten years customer of Mintronics with Alibre and first started with Alibre Personal Edition, in its day this was the equivalent of Alibre Atom3D. We thank all Mintronics customers who participated in the competition

Cylinder Compound Condensing Engine / Rendered with Keyshot

"About 5 years ago I was given a large number of back issues of Model Engineer (including copies from the 1920s) which I found fascinating to read. The author of one article included a full set of drawings for the '2 Cylinder Compound Condensing Engine', suggesting it would make a good model. I agreed with him and took on the process of creating the 3D design. "From my recollection, the process took about 3 months to do most of the work. I did start with a large library of small parts like nuts, bolts, and rivets which are numerous in the design. What I most enjoy in the process, apart from creating a fully working model, is how to create the intricate parts like the connecting rods, the steam valves and the pumps all with an eye to how I might fabricate them."

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