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Alibre Atom3D FAQs

Alibre Atom3D for hobbyists / home designers / learn 3D Design

Alibre Atom3D is designed to make concept and production modeling for your hobby projects easy, precise, and fast. It’s built with the same technology used in professional design, but the toolset is tailored and simplified to make it easy.

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Alibre Atom3D

The latest in the Alibre family of 3D design software


We received questions, mainly about the modelling tools and how they compare to Alibre Design Professional and Alibre Design Expert.

Customers asked about Atom3D is suitability for new learners of 3D and whether it is possible to import data from Alibre Professional and Expert.

New trialists asked whether Alibre Atom3D will operate on Macs

Feature and modelling tool comparison Atom3D / Professional / Expert

To compare Alibre Design Professional / Alibre Design Expert broad features

Unsupported features from Alibre Expert in Atom3D will cause the software to open in read only mode. Exporting from Alibre Atom3D to Alibre Design Expert has worked well in trials

Alibre Atom3D is designed for hobbyists and home designers. Atom3D is a fully parametric 3D CAD system therefore very suitable for new people to 3D Design.

Will Alibre Atom3D operate on MACs

Yes there are a range of options using parallels and we intend to publish advice for MACs under Alibre tab on our website in the near future

Macs are not supported however we know of many who successfully use Macs including Alibre management

How to purchase Alibre atom3D

Through the webshop, the link is below. By emailing We can accept payment by card over the telephone or electronic transfer for those who prefer it.

Option of licence purchase with technical support and software upgrades are available for those who require support or help for modelling advice and software upgrades

An upgrade path from Alibre Atom3D to Alibre Design professional or Alibre Design Expert is available by payment of the list price difference

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