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Alibre Atom3D version for hobbyists and model makers

Following the recent advert in the model engineer with article we are pleased to publish information about our new version of Alibre 3D mechanical CAD for hobbyists and engineers.

The name of the new version Alibre Atom, we anticipate making the release of this product early July 2018 and full details of the specification by 30th June 2018. All details of this will be posted on a new tab on the Mintronics website under the heading Alibre then on the drop down menu Alibre Atom3D.

Alibre Atom3D priced at £199 plus VAT and available from the web shop once a confirmed release date is known.

A second option for Alibre Atom3D licence with support £299 plus VAT includes four help sessions either online or email support and a platform to upgrade to Alibre Design Professional.

In the coming weeks we will release details of one day training courses for hobbyists and new 3D users.

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