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Alibre 2018 -- Integrated 3D CAD

After one year of new Alibre we are pleased that Alibre 2018 is finally out there being used. The few reported problems are now mostly fixed. The important part of the upgrade was the ACIS core modelling change which gives the software a secure stable platform for further development.

We are very happy with the interaction with customers and the Alibre developers. The future Alibre product will become our customers current wish list.

Please check you have the latest build by logging on to and checking current build.

Read the history of the release at

Since Alibre relaunch many partner products now have direct interfaces for Alibre making it easy to offer a complete solution. Design and test / Design and visualise / Design and motion / CADCAM / Design as part of an integrated quality management system.


Mintronics can offer Keyshot Professional at an upgrade price which includes discount for the Keyshot for Alibre included in Alibre Design Expert.

To take advantage of this offer the current build of Alibre and Keyshot is required

Webshop Keyshot upgrade including maintenance

FEA for Alibre

Mintronics offer FEA for Alibre with the SimWise module integrated with Alibre.

SimWise also offer the motion module as previously supplied with Geomagic Design

For FEA detail, prices and how to claim a trial please follow this link

M-Files with Alibre

Mintronics are also resellers for M-Files since 2009 and we kept the link to Alibre through the years. Since the M-Files start they have continued to expand and are now recognised as a leader in their field. Integrate all the business as one engine, includes history on all documents, work flows and many other important tools for an efficient business.

Many Mintronics have taken the M-Files route alongside Alibre making quality management systems an easy step for our Alibre customers

For an overview of what M-Files can do for please contact for an initial discussion

Existing Alibre licence customers without maintenance contracts

30th June 2018 the existing amnesty offer for maintenance price will cease. The cost to upgrade old licences to the latest version will be £540 per licence instead of the current £395 per year. Although this penalty amounts to £145 it is still cheaper than our competitors who charge for missing years in full!

Legacy licences from old Alibre from before 2015.

We can upgrade to new Alibre until 30th June 2018. Please email for a full quotation

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