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New Online training for Alibre 3D CAD

Training is very important for 3D CAD whatever system you use!

The difficulties for Mintronics as an Alibre 3D CAD training provider is that our customers are spread across the whole UK. Where ever we hold the training course it will be in the wrong place for 95% of our customers.

The next problem is that if training attendees are traveling to the venue then costs increase for travel and for accommodation. Even though we have a special arrangement for low cost rooms at our Leeds venue it is still money! The third problem is many of those requiring training are either self-employed or work / own, small to medium businesses (SMEs) and taking at least two days out of their businesses is difficult for many reasons. You only have time once but with the right training many will save time every day!

As an alternative to fixed classroom training we are considering online training

Deliver training on line in two-hour sessions to small user group.

Watch the trainers screen ask questions by typing on the gotomeeting interface.

Attendees could follow with their own Alibre software (would need two screens) or they could watch and listen. At the conclusion, an exercise given to be emailed to the trainer for follow up.

Initially holding the course at the same time every week and later include an evening session

Suggested content

1) Initial start-up / user interface / sketching

2) Sheet metal

3) Assemblies

All registrations and bookings would be through the webshop

We are very interested to hear your suggestions for content

Is it something you would consider?

Do you have any special training requirements?

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