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Mintronics Update. Year of change

A year of many changes

The first change made was the website, this included a total re-build and new user interface. A different logo and new webshop. Steve Tremewan with his business Tread 88 were the partners who developed the website and our thanks go to Steve. The website is ongoing and to work correctly will never be complete as we bring our customers the latest news. The last page added is Alibre in action

It is difficult to say exactly what the new site has achieved so far but we know our digital webshop business is up a long way on last year and new enquiries show a similar increase across the portfolio of our partner products

Rob Footitt and business RF3 Design redesigned our logo using Alibre Design and we are very happy with the result. Rob also organises Alibre Training courses and supports Mintronics with Geomagic Design X reverse engineering software

The next change this year was Geomagic Design returned to Alibre. The product launched June and we have been busy since. I first encountered Alibre during 2006 at Aurora Design Sunderland, there were approximately 10 licences in the UK at that time.

Today there is a very large customer base and many customers have returned this year with the relaunch of Alibre brand and the subsequent new release and known development agenda.

Alibre still represents excellent value for money. Consider the licences are perpetual, maintenance is optional without the restrictive clauses other mid-market CAD systems adopt. Our customers own the licence so they are not paying increasing monthly costs for Cloud storage or software rental.

The next task is to integrate Alibre with our trusted partner softwares such as M-Files so customers can manage the drawings and production in their businesses and at the same time have compliance and traceability.

Mintronics continue to work with 3D Systems Inc, Geomagic Design X and Geomagic WRAP as reverse engineering software Geomagic Design X. Geomagic claim, “the only software that combines history based CAD with 3D scan processing”. It has always been our view that scanning might be more expensive side but the real skill is with the engineer and the CAD tools such as Design X, that is why we will continue in this market as we are the best suited from the other scan basedresellers, bringing customers more cost savings.

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