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Alibre Design 2017.1 Release Details

Announcement copied from Alibre forum

We are happy to announce that Alibre Design 2017.1 is scheduled to ship October 1, pending QA. Alibre Design 2017.1 contains the following improvements: Licensing / Installation

  • Dark Site licensing - Ability to activate and deactivate license offline

  • Show ‘Computer ID’ in product UI for licensing support

  • Licensing logic to bypass Trial if user has license code

  • Fix issue with pre-dated license maintenance expiry date

  • Improved license error reporting

  • Support for specifying Proxy Server credential to license server

  • Fix Installer looping when Start Menu Shortcut is de-selected

Product Features

  • Rectangle by Center tool in 2D Sketch

  • Extrude Boss/Cutout/Thin: Bi-directional unequal lengths option

  • Revolve Boss/Cutout/Thin: Bi-directional unequal angle option

  • Ability to zoom/pan View Creation Preview in 2D Drawings

  • Extend Hide Part in Assembly to hide part in all drawing views

  • Add a Select by Layer tool in 2D Drawings, allowing the user to select all items by layer. This can be used for several things, such as the ability to get rid of sick dimensions all at once or performing layer changes on many entities at once without manual selection.

  • Home Window > Help > Forum link goes to new forum

Component / Addon Upgrades

  • Migrate to latest conversion library from Datakit for import/export of 3rd party CAD application data

  • Fixes ‘Alibre Parameters’ Excel Add-in to work with 32 bit

Bug Fixes (Planned, pending investigation)

  • Fix issues with cursor icon artifacts and distortion

  • Cannot enter angle values into Japanese Alibre input boxes because the automatically added degree symbol (°) is a multibyte character in Japanese which makes the entry invalid

  • Exception when placing Note in 2D drawing on some computers

  • Customer Assembly file exported as STEP from Inventor 2017 has some parts incorrectly scaled

Major component updates, for example ACIS, will come in the release following this release, which is scheduled in just a few months. More details will come for the second release in the next month or two.

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