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Alibre 2017 / CAD competitors and maintenance strategy

When we first started with Alibre, it was known as the best value 3D mechanical software on the market. Usually the retail price was 20 to 30% of our competitor’s price and yes, we do have customers who preferred it to the more expensive systems.

Today the price remains at 20 to 30% of our main competitors but as we are advised there are new systems at the lower end of the market available, some on the cloud and other cut down versions of larger systems. All claiming to be extraordinarily CHEAP

To use a cliché "if it looks to good to be true it probably is"

The questions to ask yourself when considering these systems are

1) If buying space on the cloud, how much will it cost this year?, how much next year? How much is the extra space if I upload more models?

2) If I outgrow the software and need more functionality where do I go to upgrade to the next level and how much will this cost? is there an option available without spending many thousands

3) What processes are running in the background and who owns these processes? where is my data being held and who can benefit from viewing my data? Who is making money from these processes?

4) Which file formats can I import and export?

5) If I need any add ons what is the cost and will my CAD software need to be upgraded?

6) Will my system work without the internet? Can I travel with my CAD system?

7) Is it possible to take the models / drawings from the cloud if I ever decide to leave that system? How much will this cost?

Alibre offers a known cost of ownership with perpetual licences and still at the 20/30% cost of our main competitors

Maintenance / Subscriptions

Since Alibre 2017 went live we have many customers returning to full maintenance and updating their systems.

Many of our competitors have changed their maintenance / subscription strategies, some penalise customers, if they miss a year they must pay that full year if they want to update, other softwares stop working altogether for missed maintenance, they time out the licence after one year.

As for cloud systems there is NO maintenance, instead the customer pays every month for ever

Alibre strategy is to keep the maintenance cost low, give the customer the option of missing or two and then only charging a very small penalty to update

During the past days, we have heard many maintenance stories for example one customer who left us 3 years ago had paid out £16,000 in maintenance charges for four licences. In comparison, the Alibre charge for 3 years four licences Design Professional is less than £3500

We have also brought back many very old Alibre licences even licences pre 2010 for the cost of a one year maintenance contract, all under the amnesty Alibre maintenance offer until the end of August 2017

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