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Geomagic Design and Alibre customers with and without maintenance

Geomagic Design Customers with maintenance will be transferred to the new Alibre licence server and have available the new software build

Geomagic Design customers without maintenance can upgrade their licences to Alibre Design Expert by purchase of an Alibre Expert one year maintenance contract

without penalty at £395 plus VAT, after 30th August customers can be upgraded with an extra payment

A one year contract will give you access to the new build with fixes and, all software upgrades for one year with technical support with Mintronics and Alibre

There are fixes and enhancements available in the new build and many more to follow

Alibre Design 2017 is available now. It contains a new, faster licensing mechanism and has been re-branded to Alibre Design.

New website for Alibre visit

How are products affected?

Please visit the Alibre Design Acquisition FAQ for more information about the transition, product, maintenance, add-ons and other topics.

How can I get Alibre Design 2017?

  1. Read the Alibre Design Acquisition FAQ - it contains important information you should know before proceeding.

  2. Find your Geomagic Design license key. This was emailed to you by when you purchased Geomagic Design. Your Alibre Design license key will be the same key.

  3. View the FAQ section on add-ons to determine if you use any add-ons that are affected.

  4. Download Alibre Design from the Downloads page.

  5. Uninstall Geomagic Design.

  6. Install Alibre Design and appropriate add-ons.

  7. Run Alibre Design and choose to enter a license key

  8. Enter the license key you found in Step 1.

  9. Verify that your functionality appears to be correct. If it is not, just let us know.

If you have any other questions or need help with this process, contact or

Owners of Geomagic Design 2015.1.1, the latest version from 3D Systems, are eligible to get a free migration to Alibre Design 2017 regardless of their maintenance status. To find out your version, open Geomagic Design, go to the Home Window > Help > About.

Customers with a version earlier than Geomagic Design 2015.1.1 will need to purchase a maintenance contract for access to latest Alibre

Older Alibre Customers without maintenance

Customers who have Alibre from previous years, who never upgraded to Geomagic Design can also upgrade their licence to new Alibre. Please contact the office for details

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