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Alibre is BACK

In business, nothing lasts forever and sometimes you just need to be an expert in deep breathing.

The news just announced is that 3D Systems Inc have sold Geomagic Design and that the buyers are from the original management team from Alibre times (the name of the software pre Geomagic Design). We are advised that the name of Geomagic Design will be changed to ALIBRE

Regarding the future development and I was relieved to hear that the two main developers from old Alibre are part of the team.

Geomagic Design has received little development of late and the new team / buyers intend to make update releases available as and when they are available. We expect to receive many enhancements and some well known fixes being worked on in the next weeks and months

Customers with maintenance contracts will be transferred to the new Alibre build and will have access to all updates and technical support

Alibre will return to its old values, providing a powerful yet budget-friendly 3D mechanical CAD that is competitive in all sectors of the market.

Alibre Design Professional will be reintroduced.

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