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Sheet Metal Design


Dedicated, easy to use tools for creating models manufactured using sheet metal forming processes. Easily export flat patterns.


Parametric Modeling

Everything is driven by numbers, and easily edited at any point.

Sheet Metal Tools

Sheet metal specific tools to rapidly create complex components.

Convert to Sheet Metal

Convert regular models or imported designs into native sheet metal models.

Flat Patterns

Create flat patterns with one click to verify overlaps or create manufacturing drawings.

Math Handled for You

Real-life characteristics of bended sheet metal are captured automatically.

Lofted Transitions

Create sheet metal transitions between unlike profiles. Useful for ducting.

Sheet Metal Is Everywhere


Sheet metal components are ubiquitous because of their versatility, cost, and simplicity. From industrial fan housings to thumb-size clips to electronics enclosures to structural components, sheet metal is perhaps one of the most commonly used materials.


Sheet Metal Overview


Alibre Design Expert has a dedicated sheet metal design space. A comprehensive array of tools and design techniques ensures you can create just about any sheet metal part.

You can also convert regular or imported parts into native sheet metal parts to prepare for modification or flattening.

Industry-ready sheet metal design tools for your complex projects.


Convert Imported Files To Sheet Metal


A conversion wizard opens imported files and guides you through the process of defining rips, bends, and radii. If the file was created in other sheet metal software, you can usually use the one-click conversion.

Converting dumb geometry to a native sheet metal representation lets you easily make modifications and create flat patterns by unfolding the geometry.

Flat Patterns


Instantly see a flat pattern during modeling to visually check for overlaps. During drawing creation, select the flat pattern option to project the flat pattern for documentation.


Lofted Transitions


Create complex, manufacturable transitions between dissimilar profiles in a completely automated workflow.

  • Wizard completely automates creation of lofted transition components.

  • All lofted components can be flattened for cutting and bending documentation.

  • Square, rectangle, circle, and ellipse end profiles - choose any combination.

Corner and Edge Conditions


Tightly control how edges and corners behave based on your design requirements.



Applies a relief cut to the corners.


Open Corner

Available for bends over 90 degrees.


Closed Corner

Keeps the corners as tight as possible.


Closed Edge Side A

Overlap one edge over the other for a watertight seal.


Closed Edge Side B

Overlap one edge over the other for a watertight seal.


Closed Edge Equal

Available for bends over 90 degrees.

Reusable Blocks


Store often-used profile and feature combinations to enable quick reuse for common items unique to your business, such as grates, logos, dimples, or anything else you might use.

Store the blocks wherever you like on your hard disk or on a central repository and access them through the file system.

Sheet Metal Advantages


Sheet metal has many advantages over machined parts. It's relatively inexpensive both from a material cost and a shipping standpoint. It's extremely versatile in its applications and comes in many materials and thicknesses. 

Sheet metal is often used in enclosures, mechanisms, structural members, and countless other applications. You'll want to be sure your design solution has tools specifically created for the unique requirements of sheet metal design.


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