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Alibre Atom3D


Your best tool

Turbocharge all your other tools with Alibre Atom3D


When your designs are precise, you and your tools can work more effectively, waste less, try more things, and get more done.



Sail through complex sketch creation with helpful hints, error checking, and tons of sketching tools.

Easy Edits


Edits are as simple as modifying dimensions. Even in complex models, you can edit anything at any time.



Define equations for parameters to build design intent into the model and make edits easier.

Time Savers


Menus pop up at the cursor, giving you access to common tools without accessing a menu or the ribbon.


Precise, intuitive, and efficient


Design any object you need with as much precision as you require. Create parts alone, or design them based off of other parts.

Assemble Away

Know how it will fit before you cut anything


Combine your parts together in an assembly to make a representation of the finished product.  Check for overlaps and have confidence that the design is sound.



Add as many different parts as you want into an assembly.



Assemble components with real-world relationships.



Check for overlaps with a click to make sure everything fits.



Check surface area, volume, weight, and more.

Scale it down

The perfect tool for scale models


Trains, engines, instruments - the precision in Alibre Atom3D makes making scale models easy.



Scale models require precision - otherwise you're making something else. Get it exact with Alibre Atom3D.



Clearances don't scale well. You can modify parts as needed to make clearances model-size appropriate.



Create 2D drawings for posterity or production, or create interactive 3D PDF files to share.



With your 3D model you can send it to the CNC machine or 3D printer, or get your order fulfilled online.

Get artsy

It's not all dimensions and precision


Use lofts, sweeps, and fillets to create organic shapes and make artistic pieces. They can be edited easily too.

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