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The modern 3D Reverse
Engineering software for converting
3D scan meshes into CAD models

The ultimate Reverse Engineering solution for your 3D scanner


QUICKSURFACE is a complete reverse engineering solution that compliments to any 3D scanner which can export STL mesh data or PTX point clouds. Working with a large meshes QUICKSURFACE provides all necessary tools to convert the meshes into editable CAD models. Interactive tools for hybrid parametric modelling of both organic and prismatic shapes that fit the meshes. Export data in standard IGES or STEP file formats or build fully parametric history tree directly into other CAD packages.

Powerful, Simple, Affordable

QUICKSURFACE is designed for anyone who uses 3D scanning regardless of the size of their business – from individual entrepreneurs, hobbyist, to small and large manufacturing companies, who need to make reverse engineering of their scanned meshes.

Equipped with full feature set, QUICKSURFACE is ideal solution for reconstructing any type of scanned shapes. Providing precise curve and surface fitting with real-time deviation colour map, thus allowing you to control the design intent of your work at any stage. This leads to early identification of any problems rather than finding them at later stage. State of the art free form modeling capabilities allows even non-professionals to create complex forms with ease.

A streamlined user interface provides an easy and quick learning curve to speed up your daily routines. The investment in training by getting ready to use software is minimal and allows wider range of users the ability to start using the software quickly. The customizable user interface allows the user to work in a familiar environment to their own favourite CAD package. All you need is a suitable Microsoft Windows computer.


Please follow the links below to download your free trial of QUICKSURFACE.



  • Parametric Modelling

  • Automatic Surfacing

  • Free Form Modelling

  • Real-time Deviation Control

  • Hybrid Modelling – both organic & parametric shapes

  • Working with Large Meshes

  • User Controllable Accuracy

  • Mesh Realignment

  • Geometric Primitive Extraction

  • Trimming & Edge filleting for solid modelling


For any pricing information please get in tough. You can fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can give us a call on 0844 357 0378 or email

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