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Micromagic Systems

Mantis Hexapod

Our Client Micromagic Systems was founded in 1999 to supply animatronic, robotic and puppet control systems and services to the film and television industry.

Micromagic developed a variety of products from servo reversers through to complete performance systems which have played pivotal roles in award-winning productions ranging from feature films (the Harry Potter series) to music videos (Massive Attack) to commercials (Lloyds TSB).

The team at Mintronics contacted Matt Denton from Micromagic Systems to find out more about his experience of using Alibre Design on their amazing Mantis project.


"When I started the Mantis project in 2009 it was a small two man team, and I needed CAD software that would be affordable and easy to learn as we were on a tight budget. I had already spent time with Inventor, and my colleague in SolidWorks. My colleague informed me about Alibre and that it had a free/low cost version so we started with a trial. Upon taking a look into this version we realised it would be easy enough to learn and the Pro version would give us additional tools that would be helpful to the project, such as the motion plugin. Myself and my colleague have been using Alibre ever since!"

Alibre Design Mantis 1
mantis robot horizontal
Alibre Design Mantis 2
mantis with Matt
Alibre Design Mantis 3

Using Alibre Design on the Mantis...

"We used Alibre extensively to design every mechanical aspect of the machine, without which it would have been extremely difficult to make. Also having a model of the Mantis with possible joints meant I was able to figure out what size trailer I would need to transport the machine in its smallest form." 

Micromagic Systems and Mintronics

"The service I have experienced from the team at Mintronics has always been very good. They reply to emails promptly, and provided valuable technical guidance when we were first started out with Alibre." 

Alibre Design Free Trial

Alibre Design is a feature rich 3D and 2D design program that's easy to learn and economical to own. It's powerful enough for your 5,000 part assembly and easy enough for your weekend project. See why Alibre Design is the smarter alternative to traditionally bloated, expensive 3D CAD packages with a free trial.

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Alibre Design Prices

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