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Alibre Software Requirements

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 7 – 64 bit
Windows 8 – 64 bit
Windows 10 – 64 bit



4 GB RAM minimum 
8-16 GB RAM recommended, depending on OS


A note on RAM

RAM requirements are dependent on the complexity of your design, what OS you use, what other programs you have running, and whether your RAM is shared with the graphics card. Simple designs can be created with little RAM, but you should not interpret that the minimum of 4GB of installed RAM is sufficient for any design you may make.



Video Card

Video card must be compatible with DirectX 9



Internet Access

Required for activation / deactivation of:
– Node Locked licenses
– Concurrent Licenses

Required at program startup for Concurrent Licenses
Occassionaly required at program start for Node Locked licenses


– Faster cores are more beneficial to Alibre products than multiple, slower cores
– Larger assemblies (e.g. 100s of parts) will require more RAM
– An SSD will significantly speed up load and save times

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"Alibre was initially thought of as our stepping stone into the 3D world so we could then have some experience to help us choose which of the main CAD suppliers to go with (SW, Catia, etc.) however we have stayed with Alibre and it has been instrumental in driving our whole design process."