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Workshop Success: Exploring the world of 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering

We recently held another fantastic 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering workshop in partnership with the Industrial Digitalisation Technology Centre (IDTC) at Teesside University. Our workshops give us at Mintronics a chance to explore some of the innovative ways in which 3D Scanning technology can be deployed in real world settings. As always, the workshop was very well attended and received, with many attendees taking the opportunity to scan their own objects from their specific contexts. Here's just a few of the varied applications on show during the workshop:

Dental equipment manufacture:

Some attendees from the dentistry sector were particularly interested in how 3D scanning could support the manufacture of some of their more intricate dental equipment. Here we see a scan took during the workshop of a small part of suction equipment used in a range of dental procedures. Due to the vigorous and excessive use of such tools, they have a tendency to break regularly, therefore these attendees wanted to scan and reverse engineer these parts in order to improve the efficiency, speed and costs associated with their manufacture.

Automotive aftermarket parts:

The aftermarket sector utilizes 3D scanning technology to quickly and accurately produce automotive parts. During our workshop an attendee brought a section of an engine to scan in order to attain accurate measurement data for a specific part to be designed to fit the exact dimensions of the engine.

General Manufacturing:

Several attendees were from a manufacturing background whereby they are required to scan a wide variety of parts, for a range of industries, across numerous settings and applications. For this purpose they wanted to scan this part using the EinScan HX due to it's incredible versatility.

These were just a few of the potential applications we explored on the day. If you want to know more about 3D scanning and reverse engineering just get in touch. We also regularly hold these free-to-attend workshops around the UK so just let us know if you'd like to be informed of our next event.


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