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Alibre reseller meeting, all pasta and PDM in Milan

I recently attended the Alibre annual reseller meeting, the first one for a while due to covid, so it was great to see many familiar faces and get an insight into the next round of developments.

A high level of enthusiasm was noticeable from Alibre colleagues and from us resellers. One of the great things with Alibre is their proactive approach to customers’ feedback. We the resellers are talking directly to the end users and feeding back directly to the Alibre people responsible for product development, so its true to say that it is our customers who drive the product development

Early 2024 a new Product Data Management system is planned, and to be free for customers with maintenance, we will advise the release date as soon as we have it.

We did see a full demonstration and all looks good and we understand how important this is for our customers, especially for those groups working together where tracking of design changes are crucial.

There are other developments and best to follow the Alibre site Alibre Software Update Release History to track the releases as they happen


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