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Alibre Atom3D Cost for Hobbyist

We receive many questions from hobbyists regarding the price of Alibre Atom3D and of course affordability for home use.

The maintenance is for one year and offers software upgrades, some years this might be more significant than others, it acts as an insurance policy when other software changes Alibre Atom3D will keep in line, an example of this might be new Windows programs. Maintenance also includes software support for four incidents to help if anything goes wrong. For commercial concerns, a maintenance contract gives the base to upgrade to Alibre Design Professional or Alibre Design Expert Alibre Atom3D real cost of ownership Alibre Atom3D is a perpetual licence and will keep working for as long as everything else stays the same so from our experience, a licence should be good for at least three years before new computers are invented or there are major changes in file formats. We have some customers with Alibre for ten years without an upgrade but eventually, they have software conflicts as other hardware and software changes. Alibre Atom3D cost £238 divided by 3 years divided by 52 weeks is £1.53 per week ( 93p per week for 5 years). If a hobbyist spends 3 hours each week with the software, then the cost is 51p per hour. Breakfast TV reported a cup of coffee with an average price of £2.41 How many cups of coffee do you drink each week?

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