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HP 3D Structured light Scanner and Geomagic Reverse Engineering software

The HP 3D Scanner opens the door for many more enterprises to have full scan to reverse engineering capability.

The scanner as standalone is good for many scan jobs that do not need require reverse engineering for example users may only require a scan to create an STL file for 3D printing. Outputs are STL, OBJ and PLY. The scanner comes complete with own software to stitch scans together.

The HP 3D scanner has two other advantages and one very important commercial detail being the price = value for money

HP scanner can scan objects as small as a 50p piece up to the size of a full standard motor vehicle all with the same accuracy. All of this in full colour or black and white.

For those who require reverse engineering and the facility to either take a cross section, inspect a dimension or fully digitise into a 3D model for transfer to a host CAD system then the HP scanner can output to any of the following Geomagic softwares

Geomagic Design X for full reverse engineering, Geomagic Control X for inspection, Geomagic WRAP and or Geomagic for SolidWorks.

Software specifications are under the reverse engineering tab on the tool bar

Packages and Prices

HP scanner prices start from £2695 with Structured Light Scanner Pro S3 and can be upgraded and bundled with turntable, double camera, laptop and any of the Geomagic softwares.

Effectively this allows for a full reverse engineering package to include scanner, tuntable and Geomagic Wrap for less than £10,000.

Please contact to discuss individual requirements or register

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