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Alibre 2017 3D CAD and referral Scheme September

Thanks to all our customers who renewed their maintenances, it is positive for all that we have a large and growing base of customers with many strong voices

The main aim for Alibre 2017 is to be a product of our customers’ requirements.

Our development team is working hard to prepare and test a new release, we have many enhancements that were completed based on feedback from you and our customers.

The team at Mintronics are listening and forwarding requirements directly to the Alibre developers

Our customers will influence the direction of the product!

Referral scheme

Many prospective sales originate from our existing customers, informing friends suppliers and customers about Alibre.

In future we will acknowledge these leads and reward with a referral scheme.

We will send one hundred pounds worth M&S vouchers or one hundred pounds discount off the next maintenance (your choice) to the referrer for any referral that subsequently buys Alibre Design ProSfessional or Alibre Design Expert.

To join the scheme please email then when you have a referral just send basic information / business and email address. We willrecord this on our CRM as your referral, if the customer does not buy for many months we will still maintain the information for your future benefit.

Please call if you have any questions or perhaps see a wider opportunity to promote Alibre and Mintronics software solutions.

We are always open to discuss business

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