Client Testimonial - Hiden Analytical

"Alibre Design represents terrific value for money and the combination is, in my opinion, unbeatable. The package has become an indispensable tool here at Hiden not only for day-to-day project design and development but for presentations, marketing materials and website images."

"Alibre is full-featured, intuitive and robust. We also use M-Files to manage the CAD database and documents and I'm happy to say it has never let us down.

"Furthermore, the support we have had from Mintronics over the years has been excellent with prompt responses to any queries and top-notch technical advice. I have no hesitation in recommending both the software and the vendor."

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Client Testimonial - Techman Engineering

“As manufacturing facility with a Quality Management System certified to ISO9001 and APIQ1, process control is paramount within our organisation.  Through the introduction of M-Files we have been able to implement robust workflows, which enables us to have better control, visibility and traceability.  Though analysing workflow activity data we are also able to identify roadblocks in the processes and eliminate waste quite easily.


M-files workflows now represent 95% of our total processes, which include Internal Auditing, Control of Non-Conforming Products and Product Realisation Process to name but a few.


In addition M-Files has also aided in reducing our carbon footprint through the introduction of an electronic drawing control system.


And through the support of Mintronic’s these projects have been seamless and efficient transitions.”

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Client Testimonial - Invertec

Description of Invertec and Products


"Since its formation in 1980, Invertec has grown to become the leading supplier of low-voltage lighting and interior systems to the bus, coach, commercial vehicle and rail markets. We currently supply many major bus and coach manufacturers in the UK, plus many other industry leaders across the globe.

Our impressive portfolio also extends into supplying specialist lighting equipment for the marine, emergency services, military, alternative energy, shop-fitting, signage and display industries."

What M-Files has fixed for us


"As a manufacturer with a high mix of customised products we generate and use a lot of drawings on a daily basis to build our products. Managing these drawings has historically been a challenge for us as we utilised a manual filing paper system. Whilst this system worked there was challenges with drawings going missing / being filed incorrectly and also managing drawing changes across a growing business. M-Files has allowed us to fully control our drawing system in terms of drawing accessibility and introducing electronic workflows for change management.


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With the M-Files infrastructure coupled with the training and support from Mintronics we now have Shop Floor PCs across every workcentre in our site that allows operators to view the latest drawings for their task."


The future as you see it


"M-Files is now a business critical solution for us and over the coming months we look to increase our usage of using this tool to control further tasks within the business which ultimately will lead to higher efficiency and better communication."

Alibre Design has proved itself to be a truly invaluable tool at Avid. Being a small, specialist company, anything that enhances our ability to turn projects around quickly, while improving accuracy and precision, is a valuable tool. The fact that you can achieve this with a remarkably manageable learning curve is all the more welcome. Both these products are now very much a core resource used in almost all areas of the business be it product design, tool design, creating images for literature (manuals and brochures) or even designing layouts for exhibition rooms.


Undoubtedly the affordability makes these products very attractive, but low-cost alone would count for nothing if the compromise was too great - however in this case you are left wondering where the compromise is! Since the introduction of Alibre design, which has replaced our traditional 2D packages, product development times have fallen dramatically - literally from month/years to weeks and in some cases, days. It is a very rare thing when an investment has such an immediate and profound impact on a business.

Client Testimonial - Avid Hifi

"It is a very rare thing when an investment has such an immediate and profound impact on a business."

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