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Event at GoPrint3D Part Two - Scan and Reverse Engineer

Following the informative and insightful morning seminar which covered 3D CAD processes

using Alibre Design, the afternoon session of the event allowed us to demonstrate Reverse Engineering, using a radiator cap from a 1908 classic car.

3D Scanning

As with the morning session, the purpose of the afternoon demonstration was to show the entire reverse engineering process from scratch. To do this we needed to begin with the raw 3D scan data. For this purpose we used the HP 3D Structured Light Scanner with a Dual Camera setup as pictured below. The enhanced structured light technology of the HP Scanner provided the precise 3D scanning needed to produce accurate scan data for the rest of the Reverse Engineering process.

3D CAD File

Once we had obtained the 3D scan data, we used the comprehensive reverse engineering software Geomagic Design X to produce a workable 3D CAD file. We also utilized the enhanced capabilities of the reverse engineering software to produce an accuracy plot to compare the 3D CAD model to the raw 3D scan data. Both of these are pictured below.

3D Printing

Using the 3D CAD model, we were then able to move onto the final step of the Reverse Engineering process which was to actually print the radiator cap. This is where GoPrint3D's hardware stepped in. Attendees were given the unique opportunity to see the live 3D printing process on one of GoPrint3D's specialist 3D printers. The radiator cap was produced using two separate materials as shown in the pictures below.

This free event proved very popular, and everyone who attended found the practical demonstrations extremely useful and provided a valuable and applicable insight into the entire 3D printing process. Mintronics will be holding numerous free events such as this in the future, to keep up to date and ensure your place please contact us.


Presenter: Rob Footitt

Rob has his own business RF3Design and has worked with Mintronics since 2012 specializing in Reverse Engineering and CAD training.

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