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Alibre Training 12th 13th March 2018

Alibre Training - 12th 13th March 2018 - Monday and Tuesday

  • Customers with new licences

  • Customers who have recently refreshed their licences to Alibre Design 2017 from older versions

  • Current customers, enhance Alibre ability and learn short cuts

  • New users of Alibre with trial licences, assess capability and learn 3D

Course Fee: £490 per attendee

Course Date: 12th 13th March 2018

Course Level: Standard + Sheet Metal

Location: Britannia Leeds Bradford Airport Hotel, LS16 9JJ

We have used the Brittania Hotel for many training sessions and very pleased with the facilities. We have special room rates for training attendees so please contact the office before booking your hotel accomodation

Course Requirements: All attendees should have a current licence of Alibre. Customers with earlier versions of Geomagic Design or old Alibre Design may attend however some work-flows in the software may have changed. All attendees should bring their own laptop to work on. If this is not possible please contact Mintronics to discuss alternative options.

Course Format and Agenda: The course is run by Robert Footitt from RF3 Design ltd on behalf of Mintronics. Robert has organised and managed many training courses for Mintronics.

All will be asked to provide feedback and certificate provided by post for all attendees

The format used is a guided tutorial, followed by practice sessions on various elements of the software. We are also happy to discuss specific use cases based on customer’s individual needs, and these are covered at the end of each day. If any attendees have drawings of parts they would like advice on please bring these to the course and we will endeavour to cover them, time permitting.

This course focuses on the basics of 3D modelling including robust sketching and feature creation. The course covers features available in Geomagic Design, including solid modelling, sheet metal and assembly. This course does not cover the more advanced modelling techniques available (such as loft with guide curves). For users interested in these capabilities, an advanced course is also available, please contact us for further details.

Please do contact for more information

​Please note: The following timings are approximate, and depend on the level of experience of attendees. If possible we may cover some more advanced capabilities of the software on day 2 if there is sufficient time. Tea, coffee and water are available throughout the course. Day 1 09:00 – 12:30: • Introduction to the design interface, recommended settings & system options. • The Part workspace, opening and saving data files. • Working with parts: ◦ Sketching ◦ Feature Creation ◦ Reference Geometry ◦ Editing Sketches and Features

Day 1 12:30 – 13:00: Lunch

Day 1 13:00 – 16:00: • Parts (continued) • Working with sheet metal: ◦ Sheet Metal Parameters ◦ Tabs ◦ Flanges ◦ Dimple and cut features ◦ Flat Pattern Day 1 16:00 – 17:00: • Attendee questions / supplied examples.

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