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M-Files 2018

M-Files 2018 provides a whole host of additional functionality and capabilities, as well as introducing the powerful Intelligent Metadata Layer add-on (IML) add-on to the M-Files system. Some of the key benefits to M-Files 2018 include:

  • Immediate access to all your information

  • A simple unified user experience emphasizing mobile

  • No migration required

  • "Enterprise search"

  • Using AI to improve and automate metadata in common-day-to-day use of M-Files

  • Adding context with metadata

Want to see M-Files 2018 with the Intelligent Metadata Layer add-on in action? View the video below to see how M-Files connects to other repositories to help you find and manage information across your business.

The IML Module
Go repository-neutral

The IML module enables M-Files to access content that lives outside M-Files, for example in SharePoint, Shared Network Folders, Google Drive, OpenText, Salesforce and other systems, from day 1, even with mobile devices.

Expose content to M-Files capabilities

Important content in those systems can be promoted, where it then becomes managed with metadata, while the content remains in it's original place. Doing this exposes the content to the powerful product features of M-Files, such as workflows, permissions, notifications, version management, dynamic views, contextual tree views, offline availability, e-signing and much more!

Use artificial intelligence to suggest metadata

Another aspect of the IML module is it's use of intelligence services that assist the user in filing content by providing metadata suggestions, thus making the effort to add content to M-Files more convenient, more accurate, complete and faster.

Connect All Your Data with M-Files 2018

Testimonial - Invertec

Description of Invertec and Products


"Since its formation in 1980, Invertec has grown to become the leading supplier of low-voltage lighting and interior systems to the bus, coach, commercial vehicle and rail markets. We currently supply many major bus and coach manufacturers in the UK, plus many other industry leaders across the globe.

Our impressive portfolio also extends into supplying specialist lighting equipment for the marine, emergency services, military, alternative energy, shop-fitting, signage and display industries."

What M-Files has fixed for us


"As a manufacturer with a high mix of customised products we generate and use a lot of drawings on a daily basis to build our products. Managing these drawings has historically been a challenge for us as we utilised a manual filing paper system. Whilst this system worked there was challenges with drawings going missing / being filed incorrectly and also managing drawing changes across a growing business. M-Files has allowed us to fully control our drawing system in terms of drawing accessibility and introducing electronic workflows for change management.


With the M-Files infrastructure coupled with the training and support from Mintronics we now have Shop Floor PCs across every workcentre in our site that allows operators to view the latest drawings for their task."


The future as you see it


"M-Files is now a business critical solution for us and over the coming months we look to increase our usage of using this tool to control further tasks within the business which ultimately will lead to higher efficiency and better communication."

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M-Files Free Trial

Download a Trial Version of M-Files

Thank you for your interest in M-Files. Please take a moment to follow the link below to register for your free trial.


M-Files 30 Day Trial
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M-Files Prices

M-Files prices are tailored to meet your specific  there are many options. M-Files can be a hosted or on the cloud and even hybrid

There are three types of  licences:

  • Concurrent, Named user and Read only

  • Concurrent licences are approximately three times the price of named user licences

  • Cloud licences are priced per month depending on the licence type


It is possible to mix licence types inside a configuration, concurrent licences are helpful for licences shared by different time zones, occasional users and for shift working patterns

Named user licences are typically used for those requiring permanent access


In addition to the basic M-Files licences there are other modules which can be added depending on requirements for example OCR, reporting, digital signatures and many links to CRM systems, Salesforce and Dynamics


M-Files is also available for Compliance and quality as total configured system, separate pricing applies.


Budgets for configurations On Premise

Five user system all named users with online support say £2500

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