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Driving Engineering Forward with Alibre Design.

Alibre Design is professional 3D MCAD software for individuals and business where 3D Design is important.

Alibre Design focuses on the tools that most people use. This keeps usability high, training fast, and cost of ownership low.

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With comprehensive design and modeling tools, 2D document creation from your data, and the availability of KeyShot photorealistic rendering, Alibre Design delivers the functionality you need for every design and engineering task.

At a highly affordable price point, Alibre Design delivers top-end tools at lower cost, including comprehensive assembly, parametric and direct editing tools, 2D documentation, sheet metal design, motion analysis and integrated CAD data sharing tools.

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"Alibre was initially thought of as our stepping stone into the 3D world so we could then have some experience to help us choose which of the main CAD suppliers to go with (SW, Catia, etc.) however we have stayed with Alibre and it has been instrumental in driving our whole design process."

Applications of Alibre Design



Automotive Design and Production

Thordon Bearings Ing. Vaughn Power, Marine Systems Designer

"Alibre Design has allowed me to reproduce a full 3D assembly model of our lubrication system. I had already completed a similar design using Mechanical Desktop but was surprised to find that I could complete an entire new design in about half the time using Alibre Design."





Triton Systems, DBA Wes Kelly

"Currently, with much interest in small, commercial space projects (e.g., X-prize vehicles or successors cheap access to space, "space tourism") small groups of engineers are scurrying to find inexpensive means to do Computer Aided Design. My conclusion: Alibre Design is the way to go."




Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

Cincinnati Automation. Ford Jacobs, Design Engineer

"With the ability to share our concepts and ideas with our customers using 3D images, our ability to understand and provide the customers exactly what they need has been very much improved. We are tapping into new market areas that we simply could not have competed in before we started using Alibre Design. I am very satisfied."





Consumer Product Manufacturing

Jeff Mitchell

"I found the interface [of Alibre Design] very intuitive and the learning curve short. I have since become enamored with the collaborative design features and hope that this product might help me leap some of the language hurdles present with our overseas manufacturers. This solid modeler fits my needs and it's a super value."

Automotive Design and Production
Industrial Manufacturing
With endless applications across hundreds of industries here are just a few of the industrial uses of Alibre
product manufacturing
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Alibre Design Free Trial

Alibre Design is a feature rich 3D and 2D design program that's easy to learn and economical to own. It's powerful enough for your 5,000 part assembly and easy enough for your weekend project. See why Alibre Design is the smarter alternative to traditionally bloated, expensive 3D CAD packages with a free trial.

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